domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

PE Quotes - Citas de Educación Física

I have always loved wise quotes when talking about culture, science, life... but why not PE? Looking for a nice sentence that my students would have to unscramble I found New Hope-Solebury Upper Elementary School webpage.

The I've decided to translate them into Spanish since they are motivating. It will be a personal translation, so if I make some mistakes, please notice it to me in the comments. :)

Nunca un ejemplo podrá sustituir a la experiencia propia, pero las citas de personas sabias siempre pueden iluminar nuestro camino cuando las dudas nos asaltan, o para reafirmar con palabras las creencias que cada uno almacena en su consciencia.
Siempre me han gustado las buenas citas, las que dan luz, como comentaba antes, así que he buscado algunas relativas a la Educación Física, y las he traducido del inglés, de la mejor forma que he podido o sé. Pido perdón por adelantado si meto la pata, y además pido un poquito de feedback a través de los comentarios ;). 

lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Asking for permission in PE lessons - Questions

When teaching PE in a foreign language you will have to cope with sharp and unconscious questions in the mother tongue, at least in Spain. In 7 years as a CLIL teacher I still have not achieved that a whole group asks in English when it is needed.

In order to avoid it I have carried out a game activity to teach right questions when asking for permission in PE lessons. I must say I have taken advantage of our native American teacher assistant, thanks to her inestimable help when checking students' questions.

First of all I want to share the questions I have used in this PE game.

- May I please go speak with the head teacher?
- Yes, you may.

- May I go to the bathroom, please?
 - Yes, you may.

How much time do I have left?
How many minutes/seconds do I have left?

I have a doctors appointment today at -:--.
My appointment is in 5 minutes, may I leave now… I need to leave.
What is this for?
What does this do?
How does this work?

May I please go to the water fountain. May I get a drink, please.